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You are active and independent. Squire helps you do more from your phone with an all-in-one app, so you can spend more time enjoying life instead of fighting with technology.

A single hub for all your digital experiences

Find activities, discover great reads, request transportation and more. All from a single screen.


24/7 Human



Discover local activities, make restaurant reservations, get travel recommendations and find volunteer opportunities.


Get the latest news on your phone, listen to podcasts and play online games - like Scrabble.

Health and Wellness

Get answers from a nurse in seconds, refill prescriptions with a tap and stream workout videos.


It’s never been easier to run errands from your phone - from getting a ride to ordering food.

Set up once. Use forever.

It’s safe and convenient

All your information is securely stored and is automatically prefilled for every service you use inside Squire. Never tell us anything twice!

Getting started only takes 5 minutes

Just sign up! You can easily set up your account online on your own or complete the guided setup with one of our representatives.

Getting things done is easy

Many services. Uniform experience.

Make and track requests using Squire. Enjoy a familiar experience with each request.

How it works


Register & set up your account

It’s never been easier to run errands from your phone - from getting a ride to ordering food.



Get a smart link and Squire will download and install automatically on your device.


Get things

Start using Squire to complete everyday tasks. All your information is already inside Squire.

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We are here for you

Friendly human support 24/7

Stuck? Just tap the support button and one of our consultants will instantly launch a call right inside the app and provide on-screen instructions. No need to switch screens or apps!