Supporting safe, comfortable and independent lifestyles

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Our story

The idea for Squire was born when our parents, who imagined themselves entering the most rewarding period of their lives, began to experience a plethora of challenges in handling everyday tasks and responsibilities. As many everyday services have become exclusively digital over the past 5 years, the complicated interfaces that came with these services did not account for the needs of different users.

Founded in 2021, Squire is building a virtual helper to support the large audience of people who are dependent on others in using readily available digital services.

Founded in 2021, Squire is building a digital lifestyle assistant to support the large audience of people who are overwhelmed with the unnecessary complexity of today's digital services.

We thoughtfully designed an accessible and personalized user experience and provide members the support they need to get comfortable in using it independently. We work with older adults and their caregivers, and partner with organizations who cater to them.

Our Guiding Philosophy


Access to technology is becoming critical

At Squire, we believe that everyone need a simple way to enjoy what our digital world has to offer.


Everyday technology should be simple

We designed Squire for accessibility and empower our members with the support they need to use it independently.


Helping your loved ones can be easy

You deserve the peace of mind that your family is taken care of - without being the on-call tech support.  We made Squire to empower everyone to manage their chores and responsibilities independently.