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Squire turns your phone or tablet into a convenient digital assistant to support your active, independent lifestyle.

You’ll love what your smartphone can do!


Get started in minutes

Set up your account on the Squire website and get a smart download link via text. Squire automatically installs on your device and is already personalized to you. No need to tell us anything twice.


Discover helpful services

Ordering food, refilling prescriptions or getting a ride has never been easier. Find all your favorite digital services on a single screen and enjoy a familiar experience - no matter which service you are using.


Get help when you need it

Need help? Just tap the help button and one of our consultants will instantly launch a call right inside the Squire app and provide on-screen instructions. No need to switch screens or apps!

Squire is tailored to you!

Tell us what you want to be able to do online and we'll personalize Squire to your needs - so you can easily find your go-to services all in one place.

As comfortable as using your TV

Squire gives you access to multiple services within a single uniform interface. Enjoy a familiar experience - no matter what service you are requesting.

Just tap an icon to request the service you need and follow simple visual prompts to complete a task.

Squire gets to know you better each time you use it

We learn your preferences and apply them to future requests. No need to tell us anything twice!  If your preferences change, you can easily update your profile; and you can always customize any request (like asking to be picked up at a different address).